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Terms of payment for Active Duty, ANG, and AFRES on funded TDY

1. Many units are NOT authorizing the use of the Government Travel Card (GTC) for expenses associated with course registration. This is because, according to the JTR, Training Course registration fees are not a reimbursable travel expense but rather a mission related expense and cannot be claimed on a DTS voucher. Regulations for funding this particular mission related expense are found in the Financial Management Regulation, DoD 7000.14-R, Vol 10, Ch 12, para 120323. 


Alternative methods include routing an SF182 through your Group Education Office requesting course registration to be paid by the Government Purchase Card (GPC) or paying the registration fees on a personal credit card and requesting reimbursement through your unit Resource Management Office after course completion. 

2. There have been some concerns from various units that the GPC cannot be used to make payment though a Third-Party Payment Service such as PayPal. According to AFI64-117 para 7.9, this is possible with adequate support documentation. See AFI reference below.


***Unfortunately, SAFPA can only acquire payment through a Third-Party Payment Service. In this case, PayPal. 

AFI 64-117 22 JUNE 2018

7.9. Third-Party Payment Service (e.g. PayPal, Google Pay, etc). Third party payments are categorized as those payments where it is identified that the purchase will be processed via a third party and no goods or other services received (other than payment). The cardholder should make every attempt to choose another merchant with whom to procure the goods and/or services. When a third-party payment service is used, the cardholder automatically forfeits all dispute rights guaranteed under the GPC purchase by the Bank. While certain dispute rights may accrue by using the third-party payment service, these rights are not as favorable to the cardholder/Government as those provided pursuant to the GSA SmartPay® contract because the cardholder has to resolve the dispute instead of the Bank. If it is necessary to procure using a third party payment service, the approving official must ensure there is adequate supporting documentation showing that there was a detailed review of the purchase and that the use of the third party payment service was unavoidable. Supporting documentation shall be kept in the cardholder’s files.