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Society of Air Force Physician Assistants

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   Nomination Platforms Received:


Major Emily De Leon

Im stationed at Nellis AFB, NV, as a Surgical PA. I just finished surgery fellowship training at BAMC in San Antonio, TX, and am the first Surgical PA stationed at Nellis! In addition to first assisting in surgery and seeing clinic, I am the General Surgery Clinic Element Leader, Deputy Flight Commander, and a preceptor for IPAP Phase 2 surgery students. I am married to my husband Andrew who is in training to be a C130 navigator with the Reno ANG.  We have two boys, a 4 year old and 18 month old, a baby girl on the way (due in July), and a 3 year old German Shepard.


Bachelors of Science, US Air Force Academy, CO, 2008

Bachelors of Science, IPAP (Ft Sam Houston), 2016

Masters of Physician Assistant Studies, IPAP (Nellis AFB), 2017

Doctorate of Science, Baylor University, 2022


- Seymour Johnson AFB, NC, 2008-2011: multiple Personnel (MPS) & services (FSS) positions culminating as Flight Commander and Wing Chief of Protocol (former Force Support Officer) with a deployment to the CAOC, Qatar as Deputy Chief of Protocol for AFCENT

- The Pentagon, Washington D.C., 2011-2014: Mortuary & Casualty policy, Protocol policy, and Executive Officer for HQ/A1S with a deployment to Djibouti, Africa as the J1 for SOCFWD-EA

- Ft Sam Houston, TX, 2014-2016: Phase 1 Student; IPASS Secretary, IPASS Vice President

- Nellis AFB, NV, 2016-2017: Phase 2 Student

- Beale AFB, CA, 2017-2020: Family Medicine PA-C, Element Leader, and PSCM Team Chief

- Ft Sam Houston, TX, 2020-2022: General Surgery Fellow, honorary IPAP faculty

- Nellis AFB, NV, 2022-present: Surgical PA, Element Leader/Deputy Flight Commander, and IPAP Phase 2 surgery preceptor


I first became involved in SAFPA as an IPAP student and was later selected as the DAL for Membership from 2018-2019. During that time we upgraded our membership platform, transitioned to a new a website, and recruited many new members. I enjoyed getting to know PAs from around the AF through the position.

I decided to take a break from a SAFPA leadership position while going through surgery training but have maintained a desire to get involved again, grow our profession, and give back in a meaningful way. I feel President Elect is a great way to do this! In the position, I would like to continue working on moving forward with the name change for the profession, enabling PAs to complete flight physicals without co-signature, and pushing issues that YOU, the members, feel are important on a national level. I have a heart to serve and an outgoing personality. I would be humbled to represent our members and the organization at AF and national level functions. I feel this would be a wonderful opportunity to once again become involved and advocate for our awesome profession.

I respectfully request your consideration for the position and hope to serve you!



A. NAME AND CURRENT JOB/LOCATION: 1Lt Kylie Hamilton/JB Charleston

My name is 1st Lt Kylie Hamilton, and it is with great enthusiasm that I submit my name for consideration as the next SAFPA Secretary/Treasurer. Currently, I serve as a Physician Assistant within the 628th MDG and presently the acting Secretary of the Joint Base Charleston CGOC. I utilize exceptional documentation and communication skills daily. Moreover, I have exemplary organizational skills that could benefit the SAFPA. This includes keeping accurate records and minutes, well-tracked attendance, and accountability for member tasks to ensure Society progresses at peak performance. Additionally, I am well versed in using Excel, which will allow me to track, maintain and report all financial movements within the Society. Lastly, as a certified Green Belt, I am able to identify issues of concern, provide solutions and guide the implementation of these solutions. Being prior-enlisted with 13 years of experience has imbued me with a wide perspective of the Air Force that can be beneficial when strategically and proactively looking at the future of SAFPA with all core values as the foundation of any suggestion(s). This multi-capable background would also allow me to backfill other Society positions should deployments or unexpected life events occur for other members. Overall, I can bring a multitude of unique talents that can provide opportunities to help us grow as a group and as individuals leading the future of our Air Force PAs. I appreciate your consideration, and I look forward to serving with you!


Lt Hamilton

B. NAME AND CURRENT JOB/LOCATION: Captain Ryan J. Mintalar/Travis AFB

I am currently a Physician Assistant in the Warrior Medicine Clinic at Travis AFB, California. I work fulltime as a PA in the Active Duty Clinic, part time in urgent care, and as an adjunct guest faculty at Touro and Samuel Merritt University Physician Assistant programs in California. As for qualifications, I received my Master’s at Samuel Merritt University in California, and my Doctor of Medical Science degree through Lynchburg University in Virginia. I currently own and manage the finances of my small business as an Instructor for American Heart Association certifications. Prior to the Air Force, I was enlisted in the U.S. Marines where I was introduced to overseas humanitarian missions to which this day I still like to be involved in. I am passionate with organizing fundraisers to help with medical necessities in my local community and as well as other poverty stricken communities in other countries such as the Philippines, Mexico, and currently at Honduras. I am a strong advocate for our profession to be involved in many different U.S. Air Force missions. I am part of the Defense Institute for Medical Operations (DIMO) and International Health Specialist (IHS) programs. I have four awesome children and a supportive wife who is a Pharmacist at a local hospital in my hometown at American Canyon, California.


University of Lynchburg, Lynchburg, VA 2020 -- 2021, Doctor of Medical Sciences

Samuel Merritt University, Oakland, CA 2016 – 2018, Master Physician Assistant Program

Sonoma State University, CA 2013 – 2015, Major- Bachelor of Science in Nursing B.S.N.

Napa Valley College, Napa, CA 2012 – 2014, Associate Degree of Nursing A.D.N.


- Beale AFB, CA, 2019-2021: Family Medicine PA-C, PSCM Team Chief, TCCC Med Director, Code Blue Med Director, COVID-19 Director

- Travis AFB, CA, 2022-present: Family Medicine PA-C


I like to be involved and be a part of the decision-making process to help advocate and advance the Physician Assistant profession. I care a lot about our profession and I would like to help assist in moving our PA careers forward. I have self-published two Physician Assistant children’s books to help children and their families have more exposure and knowledge of the PA profession. I am passionate on becoming an influencer for PAs and I look forward to representing and serving SAFPA and its members. As the secretary/treasurer I will represent Air Force PAs to continue to move forward with progression both in the military and civilian medicine sectors. I can manage finances and find ways to help with raising funds to move closer to our yearly SAFPA goals. Representation of our PA profession is my goal and whether that Secretary / Treasurer would be through my everyday clinical practice, publishing PA children’s books, or be a part of SAFPA leadership, I want to be a part of it all. I respectfully request the consideration to be a part of SAFPA with the position of Secretary/Treasurer. I hope to serve alongside awesome Physician Assistants to continue to represent SAFPA members at the Air Force and the National level functions.



Prior 14N where I was a resource advisor as one of my additional duties.  Managed Squadron’s $2 mil budget.  I am good with spreadsheets.  I am motivated and eager to help SAFPA. I do not have any BOD experience but I am a quick learner. 



A. NAME AND CURRENT JOB/LOCATION: Captain Chase Cannon, Warrior Operational Medicine Clinic/OMRS active duty medicine
What do you want to do in the position? Why do you want the position and your qualifications?
                I would like to help spread awareness of SAFPA. As a new PA out of IPAP, I had little knowledge of what SAFPA had to offer. This organization presents wonderful networking opportunities, guidance, and a platform to be heard in the PA community, all of which I almost missed out on. I believe this position will ensure that communication and connectedness occur within SAFPA and all Air Force PAs.
                I would be a good fit for this position because I am familiar with multiple social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter. I understand the importance of regular updates via newsletters to allow members to stay informed, as well as, integrated with SAFPA. Even though I am relatively new to being a PA and in my Air Force career, I believe I qualify for this position given the skill sets and work ethic I have developed over the years to become the officer and PA I am today.
2017 Bachelor of Science in Biology, United States Air Force Academy
2019 Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Neb
2020 Masters in Physician Assistant Studies, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, Neb

    I would like to be on the BOD because I would love to have an impact on the wellbeing of Air Force Physician Assistants. I think the best way to effect change is to be the change you want to see. Additionally, I would also like to be involved with the BOD to increase my scope of the AF PA and how our actions affect our every day mission. Additionally, I would love to help grow SAFPA and be involved with further outreach opportunities.
    Qualifications: I am able to communicate effectively and concisely, multi-task . I can deploy  diplomacy skills to manage teams and create cohesive environments while utilizing technical skills to manage multimedia platforms.  
     Thank you for your time and consideration.



    A. NAME: Lt Gloria Calvillo
    Base: Hill AFB

    PLATFORM: My name is Lt Gloria Calvillo and I am interested in applying for the Director at Large of Membership position. I am currently stationed at Hill Air Force Base and assigned to the active duty clinic. Since I graduated IPAP, November 2020, I have been focused on building my job knowledge and skillset. My experience in the Air Force, both as enlisted and officer, has set me up with an opportunity to help others. I would like this position so I can help guide new graduates through the possess of becoming a well rounded physician assistant. I would like to focus on strengthening the community of PAs so we can all come together and spread the word about SAFPA.


    B. NAME AND CURRENT JOB/LOCATION: Capt Traci L’Ecuyer, Family Health PA-C at Langley Air Force Base, VA


    I am Capt Traci L'Ecuyer, I hope to fill the position of Director at Large (DAL) of Membership for the Society of Air Force Physician Assistants (SAFPA). I have vast experience with communication, membership management, and data organization through varying life experiences.

    As a small business owner I am acutely aware of the importance of membership acquisition and retention, as well as the time and effort it takes. If elected as the DAL of Membership, I will leverage my business experience, to recruit new members. I will do this by directly reaching out to all Air Force Physician Assistants. I will express the significance of being a part of SAFPA and ensure they understand this is an opportunity for their voice to be heard, which will potentially pave the way for the future of our career field.

    Early in my Air Force career I had the opportunity to be the co-lead session organizer for the annual CORONA (Commanders) Conference. It was my responsibility to communicate the benefits of attending the event in person to the top Generals in the Air Force, while also balancing a meticulous records database of contact information and itineraries. I will use this experience to confirm the accuracy of our database, identifying members of both SAFPA and AAPA, along with their contact information and membership expiration dates. Then, I will use the database as a means for connection with any member pending expiration or recently expired. I will ensure they understand the benefits of continuing their membership and confirm they are utilizing all that SAFPA has to offer.

    Finally, I believe our ultimate goal is to increase our membership numbers to grant us the opportunity to have more lobby traction for the future of the Physician Assistant career field. To do this I will work with the Board of Directors to seek out creative ways to improve and/or augment our current membership benefits, making joining SAFPA even more desirable. Thank you for your consideration!



     NAME AND CURRENT JOB/LOCATION: Capt Erin Schmitz, Flight Commander at Special Warfare Operational Medicine Squadron, JBSA Lackland 


    In this position, I look forward to integrating with Air Force Medicine and other agencies to keep readiness at the forefront of our training. After taking on the planning for this years PA Readiness Conference, I am perfectly poised to take what I’ve learned and continue to advance the conference and other CME opportunities. During that project and as a Flight Commander, I’ve demonstrated my communication and leadership skills daily. Additionally, I thrive in team environments and working on multiple projects simultaneously. I’m excited to serve as your Director at Large of Activities!

    NAME AND CURRENT JOB/LOCATION: Benjamin M. Douglas/Warrior Operational Clinic/Keesler Air Force Base, MS


    - I desire this position to become more involved within the Air Force PA community and the advancement of our career. I have served as a Flight Chief in my previous career and have developed skills that I feel would help me excel in this position.

    - I would continue to ensure that CME matches changes within the medical practices/guidelines so that PA's are receiving current information applicable to the career. Additionally, I would utilize my prior experience in assisting with setting up AFPARC and ensuring a successful and rewarding experience.








    NAME Maggie Smith-Davidson


    As the Current HOD representative I have thoroughly enjoyed the exposure and experience. However, given the limitations of COVID I feel I did not fully get to experience the opportunities presented with this position and am pursuing a second term.

    My hope is to continue in this position for another term to maximize my involvement with SAFPA and AAPA. I would love the opportunity to help facilitate the implementation of the recently passed title change transition into our organization. With what I have learned in the limited exposure I have had I feel I am equipped to better represent SAFPA on a national level and am really looking forward to the opportunity. 

    Society of Air Force Physician Assistants is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 2400 McCullough Ave. PO Box 12282, San Antonio, Tx, 78212

    *SAFPA is an AAPA Chartered Chapter*

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