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*SAFPA is an AAPA Chartered Chapter*

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Below lists the duties of each office within the Board of Directors. If you want to join the team, please review the duties for the office you are interested in and then submit your nomination by clicking the button! 

The Next BOD Election will occur in March 2020



If you have any questions, please reach out to Maj Chris Scharfenstine, President-elect, at:

SAFPA Board of Directors

Term of Office

​The term of office for the President, President-Elect and past President shall be one (1) year.

  • The term of office for the Secretary-Treasurer, Directors at Large and AAPA House of Delegates is two (2) years.

  • Three Directors at Large and one House Delegate shall be elected on alternate years


​A Candidate for elected office must be a current Fellow member of SAFPA and must maintain Fellow status in both SAFPA and AAPA for the duration of their term of office.

Furthermore, a candidate for the position of President-Elect shall have maintained Fellow member status in SAFPA for at least 3 years at the date they would enter office. The member must also have held at least one prior position on the SAFPA Board of Directors


  • ​The deadline for declaration of candidacy for elected office into SAFPA shall be in conjunction with the Physician Assistant Readiness Course currently held annually in the Spring of each year.

  • Nominations for office by a third party must have acceptance by the candidate before the candidate will be added to the poll.

  • Declarations/Nominations will begin in conjunction with the release of the Winter Towner-Schaffer Report (TSR).

  • Write-in Declarations/Nominations may be completed up until the General Membership meeting at the annual PA Refresher Course.

Election of Delegates to the AAPA House of Delegates

  • Delegates must be Fellow members of SAFPA.

  • Delegate positions are elected by the Fellow members of SAFPA.

    • Term of office is two (2) years.

    • Each Delegate position is elected on alternating years.

    • The senior Delegate, by year of office, will be the Chief Delegate.



 Position Descriptions

​Duties of Officers



  • The president shall preside at all business meetings of SAFPA and of the Board of Directors.

  • He/she shall appoint standing and ad hoc committees of the Board of Directors and shall designate a chairperson, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

  • The President shall give full account of the activities of the Board of Directors at the annual meeting of SAFPA.

  • He/she shall complete the notification of new BOD members to AAPA annually in conjunction with the annual review of SAFPA by-laws.


  • He/She will be chairperson of the Elections and Awards Committees and shall perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.

  • He/She shall succeed to the office of the President at the expiration of the President’s term, or earlier should the office become vacant for any reason.

  • The primary responsibility of the President-Elect shall be learning and understanding the principles and procedures necessary for management of SAFPA as the President.

  • The President-Elect shall preside at the meetings of SAFPA in the absence of the President.


  • ​The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep minutes of all Board of Directors, annual and special meetings.

  • He/she shall execute general correspondence and notify all members of meetings.

  • He/she shall maintain accurate financial records of SAFPA, collect dues and assessments from the membership, and deposit all monies received into SAFPA’s financial account.

  • He/she shall provide a current financial report at each Board of Director’s meeting and at all general membership meetings.

  • Maintain and submit annual State and Federal tax documents.

  • He/she shall be responsible for completing any recommend amendments to the SAFPA by-laws subject to voting by the BOD and final approval by the President.

Immediate Past-President

  • The Immediate past President shall perform duties as may be assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.

  • He/she will be a delegate representing SAFPA at the AAPA House of Delegates if there are three (3) positions assigned, the other two (2) positions being elected by SAFPA membership.

​Duties of the Board of Directors

Without prejudice to the duties and responsibilities conferred in these Bylaws, it is declared that the Board of Directors shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Policy

    • To adopt, amend, repeal and implement policy.

    • A majority vote of the Board will be required to adopt, amend, or repeal policy.

  • Management

    • To provide the management of SAFPA in such a manner as may be necessary.

  • Committees

    • To establish standing and ad hoc committees as necessary for the performance of its duties.

  • Reports

    • To report the activities of the Board for the preceding year to the general membership at the annual meeting.

    • A written report shall be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer for the record.

Position specific duties shall be as follows:

Directors at Large for Communication

  • Responsible to publish and edit the Towner-Schaffer Report (TSR) twice yearly. (Winter & Summer/Fall).

    • Will reach out to the constituent body for Category I worthy CME articles.

      • Must coordinate with DALs for Activities to get articles approved for Cat I CME by AAPA.

    • Will also solicit shorter articles from other sources to include one from the President or President-Elect and the PA Associate Corps Chief.

    • Responsible for managing social media platforms.

    • Will assist DALs for Membership with contacting members as needed.

​Directors at Large for Membership

  • Responsible for managing the membership on the SAFPA webpage.

    • Review members’ membership expiration dates and contact them for renewal.

    • Will ensure data is accurate in regards to levels of membership.

  • Responsible for contacting IPAP Phase II Program Directors to collect the names of graduating students.

    • Will establish new accounts for the students and provide the one year free membership.

  • Responsible for establishing new accounts for any new HPSP or Direct Accession Pas to provide the one year free membership.

  • Work with the DALs for Activities to form membership drive ideas.

  • Work with the DALs for Guard/Reserve members to help increase Guard and Reserve membership.

Directors at Large for Activities

  • Main responsibility is to coordinate with the AFPARC committee chair in order to assist with plans and execution of the annual PA Refresher Course.

    • May request the formation of a committee to assist with this responsibility given the degree of difficulty.

  • Work with the DALs for Membership to form membership drive ideas.

  • Will be the POC for all CME activities to include:

    • AAPA approval for Cat I CME for TSR articles.

    • Collaborate the AF PA Refresher Course Chair to obtain AAPA approval for Cat I CME

Directors at Large for Guard/Reserve members

  • Will be the main POC for all Guard/Reserve members.

    • Will help DALs for Membership to recruit Guard/Reserve members.

    • Will be the voice for all Guard/Reserve members to the BOD.

  • Will solicit Guard/Reserve members for TSR articles.